Our Professional Services Include:


Termite Inspections:                                                            $165.00 inc GST

Peter will come out and check for any signs of termite life in your home or property.


Ant & Spider Treatment:                                          From $165.00 inc GST

This includes full spraying of your home or property inside and out, with a child and pet friendly chemical. This treatment  can last for up to 12 months.


Termite Pre-Treatment:                                                From $4.95 inc GST per sq mtr

This is an essential process that must be done if you are building or extending your home or business, this treatment will prevent the infiltration of termite colonies. 


Termite Treatments:                                                                 POA

This treatment will eradicate all signs of termites that exist in your property. Prices will change due to size and locations of colonies.


Termite Baiting and Monitoring Systems:                              POA

Termite baiting systems have proved to be the most effective ways of preventing and destroying full colonies. This system involves installing baiting stations arounf the perimiter of the building, then baiting the termites with chemical which they take back to their colony and distribute. This system will also include 6 - 8 week monitoring for up to 12 months.  Monitoring after this period can be aranged for a small fee.


Bees & Wasps:                                                              From $77.00 inc GST

Please phone us if you need a nest sprayed to protect your family.


Rats & Mice:                                                                  From $220.00 inc GST

Rats and Mice are a rodant pest which can make you and your family sick. Please phone us to provide an effective system to remove these from your home. 


Fleas:                                                                                          POA





Streaky Bay Pest Control can develop a program to protect you most valuable assets from pests, please phone or email us.

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